Renovation of

an abandoned house

The village of Stroumbos is a unique settlement on Amorgos, as only reparation and restoration of old, abandoned buildings are allowed there.

The building must be restored in order to return to its original form, as the latter results after a documented research.

There is no electricity or water supply network in this small village, while access to it so far is only possible through the walking path from Langada village.

Having lived part of her childhood on the island and with a deep feeling of love towards the land, the French owner chose to repair one of these buildings and to transform it into a summer retreat for her family and herself.

The building volumes, with a total surface of 100.00 sq.m., have returned to their original form with the use of the same materials, typical of traditional architecture.

The elongated building includes a bedroom with its bathroom, while the toilet has separate, autonomous external access.

All spaces have direct access to the garden, which develops on different levels and constitutes the passage from one space to the other.


Αναπαλαίωση ερειπωμένης κατοικίας


Στρούμπος, Λαγκάδα, Αμοργός