Tourist rental apartments



Τουριστικό συγκρότημα 'Aelia'


Όρμος Αιγιάλης




This is a project of tourist rental apartments in Ormos Aegialis, Amorgos.

Four two-storey buildings were designed in the 580.00 sq.m. sloping plot. They were situated on different levels, taking advantage of the terrain and focusing on the unobstructed view of each apartment towards the beach of Ormos Aegialis close by.

Entrance to the complex is from the street at the lowest level of the plot. The first two two-storey buildings are found there. The western volume hosts the reception area of the complex and a rental apartment on the ground floor, while another apartment of 21.00 sq.m. is located on the first floor.

The eastern building consists of four apartments in total, two on the ground floor, of 26.00 sq.m. surface each, and two on the first floor, of 21.00 sq.m. surface each.

The basements of the two buildings include the ancillary spaces of the whole complex and the water cistern.

The ascent in the interior of the plot is realized through an imaginary axis that separates the terrain in two sections, eastern and western. This movement takes the form of a route through external staircases and landings, at times leading to the southern sides of the buildings, serving mainly as their entrances, and in other cases defining the open, green spaces of the complex.

The other two two-storey buildings are located on the highest level of the plot. The western building consists of four apartments, two on the ground floor, of 23.50 sq.m. surface each, and two on the first floor, of 23.00 sq.m. surface each. The eastern building also consists of four apartments, two on the ground floor and two on the first floor, of approximately 22.00 sq.m. surface each.

Semi-outdoor spaces and small intrusions of the building volumes on floor levels result in the creation of terraces and gardens towards the north and visual openings towards the sea.

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