Three houses

The project is about three single-storey houses in the village of Tholaria on Amorgos.

The owners wanted to build three detached and fully equipped houses, between 65.00 and 75.00 sq.m. each.

Therefore three continuous building volumes have been created in their 4,000.00 sq.m. property.

The placement of the housing compound in the lot has been done in a way that ensures panoramic views to the bay of Aegiali from any given point in it.

All houses are laid out in three levels in their interior. On the lower level, where the entrance to the house is also situated, the living and dining rooms are located. On the next level, there is the kitchen area and on the last and highest level, the two bedrooms and the bathroom of each house are located. Access to the basement is from the interior of the houses, while there is also the possibility of access to the roofs through external staircases.

The outdoor area has been formed by retaining walls, at the same time creating even surfaces in which vegetation spaces are laid out, significantly contributing to the microclimate of the area.


Τρεις κατοικίες


Θολάρια, Αμοργός